HealthEdge Sells Advanced Bio-Technologies to Sinclair Pharmaceuticals

HealthEdge Sells Advanced Bio-Technologies to Sinclair Pharmaceuticals

  Suwannee, GA & Tampa, FL – December 15, 2011 –HealthEdge Investment Fund, L.P. (“HealthEdge”), a Tampa, Florida-based private equity fund focused exclusively on healthcare, has sold portfolio company Advanced Bio Technologies (“ABT”) to United Kingdom-based Sinclair Pharmaceuticals (“Sinclair,” London: SPH.L), an international specialty pharmaceutical company providing solutions to treat wounds, dermatological, and oral diseases through advanced surface technology and innovative delivery systems. As part of the transaction, the U.S. operations of ABT have been distributed to all ABT stockholders, and the retained business has been renamed “Enaltus.”

ABT is a Suwannee, Georgia-based dermatological products business primarily focused on marketing and selling products in the scar treatment space. The Company’s flagship product, Kelo-cote®, is a patented, self-drying, silicone-based topical medical gel used for scar treatment and prevention. HealthEdge acquired ABT in 2007 and hired Jeff Thompson as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining ABT, Mr. Thompson was Chief Operating Officer of Stiefel, a global pharmaceutical Company that was purchased by GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK). Together, HealthEdge and Mr. Thompson built a management team that has grown the business to become a leading provider of dermatological products. In April 2009, ABT acquired Belli Skincare, a physician-formulated skin care products business providing treatments for mothers and infants.

Mr. Thompson said, “HealthEdge has been a key part in helping us drive ABT’s growth over the past four years. Their investment team’s extensive experience and strong network in the healthcare space enabled the Company to expand its geographical footprint both domestically and internationally and also extend ABT’s product offering. We are excited we were able to attract strong interest in our international distribution for ABT’s products, and Sinclair brings a wealth of expertise in the dermatological products space. ABT’s products strongly complement Sinclair’s current product offering.”

HealthEdge Managing Partner Brian Anderson said, “ABT is an excellent example of the value we strive to create through our operationally-focused investment strategy. We were able to attract top talent in Jeff Thompson, who was then able to recruit several key members of management. Working closely with the strong management team, we transformed ABT from an entrepreneurial business with very limited distribution to a multi-product dermatological products business with distribution in over 60 countries. We are pleased that our efforts resulted in an outstanding return to our limited partners and look forward to continuing Enaltus’ growth here in the U.S.”

About Advanced Bio-Technologies Advanced Bio-Technologies, Inc. is a dermatological products company focused on scar treatment and prevention. The Company’s flagship product is Kelo-cote®, a patented, self- drying, silicone-based topical medical gel that dries within five minutes to form an invisible protective silicone sheet over the applied area. The protective barrier is flexible, odorless, waterproof, transparent, and breathable, and cosmetics and sun block can be applied after the gel has dried. The gel softens and flattens raised scars and reduces redness and itching.

In April 2009, ABT acquired Belli, a women’s health and wellness company, focused on providing physician-formulated skin care treatments for mothers and infants. Belli sets a new standard for cosmetic ingredient safety as the only company in the world that performs an ongoing review of the published medical literature and screens out any ingredients linked to harmful effects during pregnancy, nursing and infancy. ABT is headquartered in Suwannee, GA.

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