What We Do

Proven strategy of growing businesses by working collaboratively with senior management teams while providing financial, operational, merger and acquisition, and business development expertise.


Big company resources and experience, tailored to your culture

We are not a typical private equity fund seeking to over-burden your balance sheet with debt in order to generate a return. Instead, we seek to create value the old fashioned way — building businesses by investing in them. In order to achieve this, we will capitalize your company with a structure that allows freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Investment Strategy

Building businesses with the end in mind, we strategically guide our investments and management teams through a systematic approach to creating meaningful equity value.


Building Upon the Legacy You Started

We have a track record of deploying our business development and operating expertise to help companies like yours grow revenue, streamline costs, and achieve organizational efficiencies. As the central part of our investment strategy, we collaborate with management to acquire businesses that have identifiable opportunities for improvement — especially those that can be executed in a systematic way. We have significant experience in facilitating optimal exits in a manner that maximizes capital appreciation and minimizes liquidity challenges frequently associated with private equity transactions.

We seek buyouts, recapitalizations, or structured investments in healthcare companies with differentiated products or services, a leading share of their served market, the ability to improve growth and profitability, and the prospect for complementary acquisitions.

In addition to other criteria, we seek to acquire established businesses in healthcare that satisfy the following financial and ownership characteristics:

  • Enterprise Value between $10–100 million

  • Revenues between $5–75 million

  • EBITDA between $2-15 million

  • HealthEdge Ownership: Significant minority to majority control

  • Current Ownership: We will invest in public or private companies (excluding common stock in public companies)

We will invest equity capital of $5–20 million per company from the Fund. Our limited partners provide us access to additional equity capital for our investments as required, which enables us to provide $20–25 million or more to any one opportunity.

We target our investment efforts in the following healthcare segments, in which we have direct experience and a firm understanding of the underlying dynamics, trends and opportunities:

  • Provider & Outsourced Business Services

  • Specialty Medical Products & Devices

  • Specialty Distribution

  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

  • Healthcare Information Technology